Technobel Heat

Treatment Ltd.


Technobel Heat Treatment Ltd.


was founded on 1995 and serves as main supplier of big and leading Israeli companies such as the Oil Refineries, Israel Electric Corporation, Electrical Power Stations, Israel Aerospace Industries, Elta, Intel, Military Industry, Security Industry, Israel Shipyards, Dead Sea Works, Desalination Partnership, Koor Metals and more.


The company specializes in heat treatment of steel and aluminum alloys for localized heat treatment and for whole metal structures.

The processes are done according to various standards such as the civil, military, aviation requirements.





Some of the

company's equipment:


viFour stationary furnaces placed in

     different parts of country in

     dimensions 3x3x8m and


vi Building in a few hours of mobile 

      furnace in the customer's    

      premises according to the    

      product's shape and 


viElectrical furnace for small parts

viElectrical machines that enable 

     to do local relief.


The company equipment is computerized and allows documentation and control of all procedures graphically.

Integration of knowledge and professionalism, unique and diversified equipment and geographic location enables Technobel treating all market demands, from the simplest to the most complicated, in short response time according the customer's demand.


The company is certified to

ISO 9001:2015.


Quality Records 


The manufacturer and the sub-contractor should establish procedures for controlling the relevant quality records. Quality records, according to the contract requirements, should include, when necessary:


vi record of contract review;
vi heat treatment specifications/welding   

      procedure specifications and their approval records;
vi competence of heat treatment personnel;
vi records of measurement of heat treatment equipment;
vi calibration reports for measuring devices;
vi correction procedures and reports;
vi non conformity reports


Quality reports should be retained for a minimum period of 5 years in the absence of any other specified requirements.









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Technobel Heat Treatment Ltd.



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Mr. Alexander Breitman - CEO
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