Heat Treatment Specification


The manufacturer should prepare heat treatment specifications which, in case of welds, are recommended to be included in the welding procedure specification. The specification will specify that the work should be carried out correctly.


Heat treatment specifications should include following information, as appropriate:


vi type of heat treatment, e.g. preheating, stress relieving, normalization …
vi method of heat treatment, e.g. furnace, local heat treatment;
vi location and number of measuring points;
vi heat treatment parameters;
vi supporting and loading of the product(s) or component(s);
vi type of cooling;
vi identification of the product or component, e.g. designation, numbering;
vi environmental conditions, e.g. protection from wind and rain.


Specifications should be approved in accordance with instructions given in application standards or contract.


The heat treatment specification or the welding procedure specification may be used as such for instruction purposes.


 Heat Treatment1


On-site electrical Heat Treatment


Technobel Heat Treatment Ltd. has been the industry leader in the field of heat treatment since 1995. Today Technobel Heat Treatment Ltd. continues to lead the way of designing and manufacturing the complete range of heat treatment equipment for its own needs.


Technobel Heat Treatment Ltd. on site services includes:


vi Preheat services for pipework, vessels and other manufactures

vi Post weld heat treatment services for pipe work and part or completed


vi Post weld heat treatment of complex fabrications or vessels in temporary


vi Drying refractory linings in process vessels where gas firing in 

      unsuitable or impractical

vi Heating expansion of brushes, end caps and metal tires, to fit wheels and








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