Stress testing in metals


Traditional diagnostic methods and diagnostic means such as Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particles Testing and X-rays are directed to locate already developed defects and by their designation are not appropriate to warn the sudden fatigue damage - the main causes of accidents.


It is known that stress concentration zones where corrosion, fatigue and creep are developed at the most intense, are the main source of construction damage formation in work. Therefore stress concentration zones detection is one of the most important tasks of diagnosis equipment and constructions.


Technobel Company successfully implements diagnostic method based on the use of metal magnetic memory. This method unifies the potential opportunity of non-destructive testing and mechanics of destruction. Thanks to this method a number of significant advantages can be applied to the industrial objects examination.


This method can be applied before non-destructive testing performing or mechanical operations such as forging and grinding.


The main practical advantages of the test method compared to the known magnetic testing method and other traditional methods of non-destructive testing are as follows.


   viApplication of the method requires no special magnetized devices, since

        this method uses the existing of the phenomenon of equipment and

        construction magnetization in process operation






   viPlaces of the stress concentration caused by heavy workloads, which their presence is unknown in advance, determined during the testing.


   viMetal cleaning or some other preparation of the area being examined are not required


   viThe process by proposed method is performed using small hand held devices with recording and memory capabilities.


   viSpecial scanning devices allow checking of piping, vessels and equipment in a testing speed as high as 100 meters per hour.


   viThis method is a non-destructive method that most suitable for the evaluation of the actual state of stress. Therefore the application of the method is

        most effective for assessing the useful life of equipment units.


The proposed method is based on the metal magnetic memory application enables a comprehensive assessment of the part state considering the metal quality, the actual working conditions and its structure features.


The main task of the method-detection of the most dangerous sections and parts are characterized by areas of stress concentration. Then, using, for example, an ultrasonic test on the stress concentration areas, can reveal the presence of a defect.

In addition to the stated above, this method and the suitable testing facilities allow the following:


   viTo perform fatigue damage tests and predict equipment reliability

   viTo record the testes results and create data base

   viCrack direction location detection and its propagation in future on the tested object with an accuracy of up to 1 mm and a recording of the cracks have

        already been created.

   viThis method allows detect residual stress after performing stress relief process by heat treatment and vibration treatment in constructions.




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