VSR (Vibration Stress Relief)


1. The company has a method of stress relief by vibration.


2. Description of the stress relief method by vibration:


    When the construction with the certain frequency rate operating outside the

    same frequency rate, this leads to resonance frequencies. Resonance

    occurs during the stabilization process of the molecular lattice of the metal

    and stress relief occurring caused by the process of welding, bending and

    other processes.


3. We have the equipment for detecting of the resonance and the frequency of

    the construction and thus occurring stress relief process.


4. The system’s advantages:


    viThis method allows more efficient use of energy than heat treatment


    viTime saving (the process duration - from 30 minutes to an hour).

    viThere is no weight andconstruction dimensionslimit.

    viColor construction not impaired compared with heat treatment method.

    viThis method is useful when not possible to move the construction to


    viThis method is cheaper than heat treatment.

    viThis method is suitable for performing process on a steel construction,

         stainless steel, aluminum.


5. Cases where is not possible to use the method:


    viOn the construction in work existing threaded connections.

    viThe constructions parts consist of various materials that require

         different process.

    viThe constructions parts fixed in the concrete.







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